This week The Guardian published the article “Amazon ditched AI recruiting tool that favored men fro technical jobs”. The main point is that Amazon’s machine-learning specialists uncovered a big problem: their new recruiting engine did not like women.

NaomiHire Team predicted such a problem and have designed own AI engine which doesn’t consider gender, nationality, age during the matching process.

And there are no such filtering criteria when you create a job. Let see how our job description looks like:

Figure 1. – Job details contains

Any job profile in NaomiHire consists of the following data: title, company, job type, seniority level of position, years of experience in IT sphere, locations (where company looking for a candidate), hards skills requirements, soft skills requirements, required level of education, required languages and their levels, benefits in form of text, hiring strategy (was shown in the article “NaomiHire: AI can explain its decisions or recruiting without pain”  ), hiring process as a set of steps for candidate to be hired.

Below you can see the data fields available for NaomiHire AI:  

Figure 2. – Job description preview

The same picture with the personal profile of the candidate.

Figure 3. – Personal info about candidate

Another important note for company: candidates are not able to see vacancy profiles before they will be matched by AI. It means that candidates can not tune their profile for a particular vacancy.

The conclusions

So, NaomiHire does not use gender, nationality, age in processing and helps companies avoid cheating through CV tuning because NaomiHire builds candidate rankings based on companies feedback after interview.

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