Finding the most relevant candidates still the biggest challenge for recruiters. 52% of talent acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is screening candidates from a large applicant pool.

In NaomiHire we’ve conducted research and analysis of candidate profiles in various platforms, job boards, professional networks, interviewed a large number of employers to develop and offer the most complete and informative candidate’s profile. This profile allows companies to easily find and compare different candidates and to find out enough information about the candidates at the stage of viewing information about them.

NaomiHire Candidate profile consists from the next sections:

1- Personal information

2- Skill Set

3- Education

4- Work experience

5- Expectations

  1. Personal information section includes all needed information about a candidate. We follow all the basic principles of diversity and deliberately did not contribute information about race, gender, ethnicity, age, identity, style, and ability. Also, there is no photo in our candidate profile. In special field, candidates can highlight their key achievements, awards, strengths and credentials.

2. Skill Set section includes information about hard skills (technologies), soft skills and languages.  Every skill has a level with using classic 5 level scale (from Basic to Expert). The important uniqueness of this section is division of all skills into Actual hard skills and Background hard skills. This allows employers to focus on current candidate skills, but also see what technologies candidate had in their previous experience. We use PETH Soft Skills taxonomy (link) designed by our experts with more than 300 soft skills in it.

3. Education section includes all possible interested information around the topic: years of start and finish of university, country, education level, IT-related or not, obtained skills/technologies. Also, there is a field for information about graduation work. It is specially could be interested when you hiring a junior specialists without experience.

4. Work experience section contains information about company name, date of start and finish of work, country, industry, job title, career level, number of subordinates, job-style, skills and field for adding other important information about functional responsibilities and duties.

5. Expectation section includes candidate’s requirements for new job such as company level (Enterprise or Startup), company type (product or outsourcing), career level, remote work or no, attitude to relocation and salary expectations in different locations. This will help candidates to receive only relevant job openings, and for companies to understand in detail the candidate’s expectations.

With our full candidate profile it’s even easier to use NaomiHire to search and hire candidate with the best fit!

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