Do you still think a blind job matching is about removing gender and ethnicity from the equation? Not only!

One day Stephanie Lampkin being a young African-American woman faced with a problem of bias during finding a technical job. This situation motivated her to develop a platform to circumvent unconscious bias by removing gender and ethnicity from the equation. Her app was launched in 2016 and lets job seekers upload resumes, then hides their name and photo from employers. This approach really aligns with diversity principles in the workplace. But, time is running and such methods don’t solve new appeared challenges for employers and candidates as well.

Thus, in the current labor market every candidate can see the job requirements in details, employers post their job openings throughout the internet in hundreds of platforms and social networks. We have conducted a research and interviewed candidates, what actions do they do when they want to get an interview and new job? In fact, we found that some of them tune their CV to job requirements (add required technologies, soft skills and correct their level of competence). Other candidates have from 3 to 5 CVs for different roles and some of the job seekers use special tools to fulfill their CV with keywords according to a particular position. So, the situation becomes critical. Recruiters get relevant CV, spent their time for screening pool of appliers but most of them are irrelevant as a result.

In NaomiHire we researched this pain deeper and developed an innovative Blind Job Matching Technology. From one side NaomiHire follows traditional diversity principles and helps candidates to get an interview and find a job with no efforts and risks: candidate profile excludes photo, race, gender, ethnicity, age, and identity. From another one, we help employers to avoid tuned CV and profiles.

How does it work?

When candidates create their profiles they are not visible to anyone. Posted jobs by employers are also hidden. But both sides of Blind Job Matching only receive information about relevant propositions.

Employers receive a detailed matching report with ranking candidates who have the best fit for the job requirements (candidates are still anonymous at this stage). AI report has of Total relevance category, Hard skills and Soft skills relevance, Cost efficiency of every candidate and other additional quantitative information for better hiring decision. Using report recruiter can ask to open a particular candidate profile and contact information for further communication.

Candidates get notifications about the most relevant jobs that fit all candidate’s requirements to the new job (like location, company type, job type, salary etc.) So, no more spam and irrelevant jobs!

Сonclusion, NaomiHire’s Blind Job Matching technology could help for both sides of the recruitment process (for candidates and employers as well) to make the hiring process more transparent and unbiased.

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