AI Automatically match your job with the most relevant candidates

Post a job

Provide as much details as possible


AI runs smart matching process to find the best fit

Review candidate shortlist

Compare candidates by cost-efficiency and skills relevance

Conduct interviews

We automate the full hiring process to give you a full control

Candidate validation

We provide comprehensive Soft skills profile and Culture Fit check

Hire a winner

Make an offer and pay small one-time commission

Only motivated and active candidates

Company gets access to only those candidates who are really interested to consider specific job


your hiring


Benefits for everyone


  • No more Linkedin searching and manual profile reviews
  • No need to review manually every candidate from your agencies
  • Find the most relevant candidates worldwide within a second
  • Fully automated candidate shortlisting process
  • Bias-free skills matching, hiring based on objective selection criteria
  • Use a power of Deep Data and Artificial Intelligence to find the things that impossible to spot with the naked eye


  • No more Linkedin searching and manual profile reviews
  • Receive the best jobs from around the world with no efforts
  • Answers question ”What skills to learn to be competitive on the market”
  • Informs about appropriate jobs and how the candidate fits this job comparing to others
  • Share your contacts only with companies you are interested in